Authentic Japanese Roseville Restaurants: A Haven for Appreciation

The world is full of things that ought to be enjoyed, appreciated and cherished all across the globe. One of the biggest and most exciting industries for such experiences is the culinary world. Japanese cuisine, for example, has made it to the upper echelon of culinary excellence, after being hailed by none other than UNESCO. Despite the lofty distinction, Yoshihiro Murata, one of Japan’s most respected chefs, expressed concern as can be seen in this article by Reuters.

Japanese food is now widely available around the world, and “washoku” – traditional cooking – was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO last year. But Murata fears that even though sushi has become universal, appreciation for Japanese food is declining in its homeland.

“Japanese cuisine is becoming extinct”, Murata said, seated in a quiet tatami mat room in his Kikunoi restaurant in Tokyo’s Akasaka business district.

“The fact that it has become a ‘cultural heritage’ means it is fading so it needs to be protected.”

With everything becoming global, Japanese food has reached the hottest spots in the west, like Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Diners are able to fully experience cultural heritage of Japanese cuisine in its purest form. One excellent way of enjoying authentic Japanese food and bringing honor to the exquisite tastes it brings is by patronizing Roseville restaurants serving real Japanese cuisine.

Great food is more than just edible and nourishing. It entails attention to how the food is prepared, the fresh ingredients that are used, and the rich tradition behind the dish. Sushi, for example, can easily be bought even in supermarkets and even convenience stores, but high-grade sushi can only be found in topnotch restaurants like Mikuni Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar.

Opting to dine in authentic Japanese restaurants, especially those that are led by authentic master sushi chefs, will bring more than satisfaction to the palate. In authentic Japanese restaurants, you can expect the dishes to be served and presented in an exceptional manner, one that will certainly appeal to all of your senses. You will also get to enjoy the freshness of the dishes in an atmosphere that brings you closer to Japan.

Though the fears of chef Murata may be valid, people from around the world can still keep the love and appreciation for Japanese cuisine and its rich tradition alive through quality Japanese restaurants in Roseville, CA.


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Dishes in Japanese Restaurants in Sacramento That Pack a Health Punch

Over the years, scientific studies have been able to identify the healthiest food items, and the ones that could be detrimental to overall health. Sadly, many of the most mouth-watering or interesting food items (think of bacon) fall under the latter category. On the other hand, food items that don’t exactly spark appetites—like broccoli—are labeled as extremely healthy.

Luckily, things are not always as black-and-white as popular opinion dictates. There are a variety of interesting and flavorful foods that pack a legitimate punch in the health department. This is especially true for dishes in Japanese restaurants in Sacramento like Mikuni Sushi. The next time you feel the urge to eat Japanese cuisine and to eat healthy, here are a few suggestions on what to order:


At first glance, eel (a.k.a. unagi) may not be a very appetizing sight. People adventurous enough to try it, though, know that eel provides a unique and succulent flavor, which is why it has become a favorite among Japanese food enthusiasts. According to an article from, eel is one of the healthiest food options around:

As fish, they’re a fantastic source of mega-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. They also contain a good amount calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, manganese, zinc and iron. For the carb-conscious, eel does not contain any sugar, is low in sodium and high in phosphorus.

Sea Urchin

Sea urchin (a.k.a. uni) is another dish that doesn’t look very appetizing; that is, until you try it for yourself. It is rich in protein, so much so that it actually makes a good substitute for meat or legumes. Sea urchin also contains Vitamins A and C. The best part of sea urchin? It only carries 34 calories per ounce, making it a great option for those on a diet.

Flying Fish Roe

Flying fish roe (a.k.a. tobiko) is the tiny orange dots that cover California rolls. Most people often see it as an accessory ingredient, but did you know that you can order sushi that has the roe as the primary ingredient?

Since the roe is delicate, it is placed on a special type of roll called a gunkan that looks like a battleship. You can also choose to have a quail egg added to it. Flying fish roe is rich in Vitamins A, D, K2, as well as DHA fatty acids, zinc, and iodine.

One last healthy piece of advice for ordering Japanese dishes in popular Sacramento restaurants: pass up the mayonnaise. Although a generous serving of mayo can complete the taste of sushi, it can easily add unnecessary fat and calories.

Happy eating!


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Why Some Japanese Restaurants in Elk Grove, CA Have a Loyal Following

In a survey conducted by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) back in December 2013, six countries rated Japanese as their most preferred foreign cuisine. Japanese food garnered a popularity rating of 34 percent, followed by Italian (15.6 percent) and Chinese (14.0 percent). “Healthiness” was cited as the main reason for Japanese cuisine’s popularity in these countries.

The survey can be taken as a follow-up to another JETRO survey conducted in 2012, in which participants from the U.S. ranked Japanese as the third most popular foreign cuisine in the country. However, it’s not just the supposed health benefits that make Japanese cuisine so well loved but the fact that maki, negiri, tempura, and other foods simply taste so good. Much like how it is with Chinese and Italian restaurants in the U.S., great-tasting food is the biggest reason why Japanese restaurants in Elk Grove, CA like Mikuni Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar have such a loyal following.

Sushi, in particular, is known for its taste, simplicity, and beauty. The dish is essentially a combination of shari, or cooked rice laced with vinegar, and neta, like raw meat, seafood, and vegetables. Over the years, Japanese chefs have come up with numerous combinations of these simple ingredients to produce dozens of sushi varieties.

Ikura gukan is a type of sushi that uses salmon roe as its main ingredient, while tako nigiri consists of thin slices of octopus meat. Ebi nigiri, on the other hand, is quite unique because it is made with cooked shrimp. California rolls, which consist of avocado, cucumber, and crab meat, are a type of sushi that the Japanese adopted from the U.S. Aside from the mouthwatering flavor combinations, most sushi varieties are packed with nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids that promote good health.

Although sushi is a trademark of Japanese cuisine, there are other great-tasting and healthy items diners should explore when dining at Japanese-themed Elk Grove, CA restaurants. Some establishments like Mikuni Sushi, for instance, serve tempura varieties made with vegetables, chicken, mushrooms, and asparagus instead of the usual shrimp or seafood. In fact, a travel industry study in 2012 identified tempura as the second-most popular food in Japanese cuisine, recommended by about 57 percent of the world’s tourists and most popular hotels.

In essence, one can never go wrong with Japanese food to satiate a hungry stomach. Those unconvinced about the results of the JETRO surveys need only visit a Japanese restaurant like Mikuni Sushi to see why sushi, tempura, and other Japanese dishes never fail to tickle the palates of people all over the world.


(Source: Japanese dishes rank top as most popular foreign cuisine in six-city survey of emerging markets, Japan Products, May 29, 2014)

Zagat Rated Elk Grove Restaurants: Organizing Japanese-themed Parties

One of the great things about Japanese cuisine is its ability to borrow from foreign influences and come up with something all its own. Tadashi Ono and Harris Salat, two restaurateurs from New York, recently shared with Epoch Times that popular Japanese dishes like ramen and tonkatsu emerged between the 19th and 20th century as a result of a convergence of Chinese, English, and American culinary influences. Salat also has this to say:

“One thing that impressed me about Japan is that there is an inherent or intrinsic understanding of the food culture among pretty much everybody, young and old. You can ask the garbage collector what vegetables are in season now and he or she would be able to tell you in a way that in America, we don‘t have kind of cultural knowledge about food.”

It is, therefore, not surprising why a lot of Californians can’t get enough of Japanese food. This same commitment to freshness, simplicity, and originality lies at the heart of catering services by Zagat rated Elk Grove restaurants like Mikuni Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar. Simplicity, however, does not necessarily mean boring. By preserving the integrity of each seasonal ingredient, master chefs are able to come up with exquisite, original, and artistically presented dishes that can easily be the talk of any party.

Those interested in organizing a Japanese-themed party can count on such a reputable caterer to recommend the perfect menu items for every occasion. The choices do not have to be limited to staples like ramen, tempura, and tonkatsu. For a small get-together, one can order to-go party platters that consist of varying combinations of sushi and appetizers. Party hosts can also hire a private chef who can design a custom menu and prepare exquisite dishes right in front of guests. To make things more fun, one can set up a sushi bar where guests get to choose their own ingredients.

As for drinks, it’s always a good idea to serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to make there is something for everyone. Take green tea and sake, for instance. In addition, the furniture arrangement, eating accoutrements, and cutlery should be just right. Not to worry, though because restaurants with reliable catering services can be counted on to bring bamboo mats, flowers, cushions, and the like. One can’t go wrong with catering services from an establishment like Mikuni Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar, which some folks consider the best Japanese restaurant in Elk Grove, CA.


(Source: Japan’s Comfort Food, Epoch Times, May 28, 2014)

Hygiene and Tradition: Authentic Japanese Restaurants in Roseville, CA

The controversial Assembly Bill 2130, more popularly known as the “Glove Law,” which orders bartenders and sushi chefs in California to wear plastic gloves in handling food preps, was recently overturned. The ruling came as a welcome development for many Japanese restaurant owners who were initially up in arms against the said law. An article by Fox & Hounds, on the other hand, sees the legislation’s reversal as an opportunity to look at far bigger concerns regarding effective food safety legislation.

Health experts agree. Wearing gloves and using utensils does limit contact with food, but unless gloves are changed frequently the potential for harm may actually be increased. The possibility of cross-contamination while using gloves remains. Health experts have also pointed out that gloves can often serve as the perfect breeding ground for certain strains of bacteria if not properly disposed of after a certain amount of usage. Further, if an employee comes in sick, using gloves will do little to stop the spread of germs.

In the article, George Fee, Secretary of the Board of the Directors of the Los Angeles County Association of Environmental Health Specialists, noted that the Glove Law is not as effective as initially perceived. Despite the reversal, restaurants should be more careful when it comes to preparing their food.

Meanwhile, diners who are looking for real Japanese food should stick to authentic Japanese restaurants in Roseville, CA, that are not only concerned at the safety and hygiene of their dishes, but also with the traditions behind the preparation. The law initially threatened these traditions, such as the proper way of preparing sushi with bare hands.

Finding a Japanese restaurant that serves authentic dishes in the city is non-negotiable, especially if you are looking for quality and safety. Go for the more trusted options like Mikuni Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, which are led by trainedsushi chefs. This is very crucial since sushi chefs are very meticulous when it comes to cleanliness, as well as maintaining the traditional taste of their cuisines.

With the law finally repealed, diners and lovers of exceptional cuisines can once again spend time enjoying remarkable Japanese food served by some of the best restaurants in Roseville. It’s just up to the latter to maintain, if not improve on, the cleanliness of their kitchens until a better law that will benefit all stakeholders is created.


(Source: “Ditch the Gloves and Develop Smart Food-Safety Legislation, Fox & Hounds,” May 13, 2014)

Tips for Business Dinners in One of the Best Restaurants in Sacramento

Whether you are celebrating a company milestone, trying to close a business deal, or just want to cozy up to the executives, a business dinner in one of the many fantastic Midtown Sacramento restaurants like Mikuni Sushi will be a wise decision.

Hosting a business dinner is no easy feat, however. It requires careful planning to make sure preparations go smoothly. When planning a business dinner, consider the following things:

Restaurant or Elsewhere

First of all, you should decide which of the best restaurants in Sacramento would be the most suitable dinner venue for your group. Ideally, the dinner should be held in a restaurant to avoid having to spend time setting up and cleaning up.

If you decide to hold the party in a colleague’s home or at a conference venue, choose a restaurant that offers catering services. In many cases, restaurants that provide catering will supply you with everything your dinner needs: servers, chefs, tables, dinnerware, etc. The service also includes set-up and cleanup, so you don’t have to worry about either as well.

Guests and Invitations

Once you’ve locked down a venue and a date, invite your guests. However, don’t resort to a simple invite over Facebook. The Houston Chronicle suggests that your invitation should match the vibe of the event:

Create a simple, formal invitation to invite guests to your business dinner party, which includes the date, time, directions to the venue and a way to RSVP for the event. Ask guests to provide you with special diet information, such as whether they’re vegetarian or have allergies to specific foods. Send invitations 1-2 weeks before the dinner party.

Service Options and the Menu

After you receive the RSVPs of your guests, carefully plan a menu based on the food restrictions your guests have listed down. In terms of the overall amount of food, it’s better to round up your estimate. The last thing you want to happen is to run out of food before the event is over.

If there are too many overlapping restrictions, you may benefit from having a buffet style dinner instead of the traditional multi-course meal. This way, you can offer a variety of dishes, and people could simply avoid food they cannot consume. Buffets are also ideal because they encourage mingling among your guests.


(Source: How to Plan a Business Dinner Party; The Houston Chronicle)