Hygiene and Tradition: Authentic Japanese Restaurants in Roseville, CA

The controversial Assembly Bill 2130, more popularly known as the “Glove Law,” which orders bartenders and sushi chefs in California to wear plastic gloves in handling food preps, was recently overturned. The ruling came as a welcome development for many Japanese restaurant owners who were initially up in arms against the said law. An article by Fox & Hounds, on the other hand, sees the legislation’s reversal as an opportunity to look at far bigger concerns regarding effective food safety legislation.

Health experts agree. Wearing gloves and using utensils does limit contact with food, but unless gloves are changed frequently the potential for harm may actually be increased. The possibility of cross-contamination while using gloves remains. Health experts have also pointed out that gloves can often serve as the perfect breeding ground for certain strains of bacteria if not properly disposed of after a certain amount of usage. Further, if an employee comes in sick, using gloves will do little to stop the spread of germs.

In the article, George Fee, Secretary of the Board of the Directors of the Los Angeles County Association of Environmental Health Specialists, noted that the Glove Law is not as effective as initially perceived. Despite the reversal, restaurants should be more careful when it comes to preparing their food.

Meanwhile, diners who are looking for real Japanese food should stick to authentic Japanese restaurants in Roseville, CA, that are not only concerned at the safety and hygiene of their dishes, but also with the traditions behind the preparation. The law initially threatened these traditions, such as the proper way of preparing sushi with bare hands.

Finding a Japanese restaurant that serves authentic dishes in the city is non-negotiable, especially if you are looking for quality and safety. Go for the more trusted options like Mikuni Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, which are led by trainedsushi chefs. This is very crucial since sushi chefs are very meticulous when it comes to cleanliness, as well as maintaining the traditional taste of their cuisines.

With the law finally repealed, diners and lovers of exceptional cuisines can once again spend time enjoying remarkable Japanese food served by some of the best restaurants in Roseville. It’s just up to the latter to maintain, if not improve on, the cleanliness of their kitchens until a better law that will benefit all stakeholders is created.


(Source: “Ditch the Gloves and Develop Smart Food-Safety Legislation, Fox & Hounds,” May 13, 2014)


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