No Worries with Sushi Served at the Best Restaurant in Elk Grove, CA

When a China-based news story about a man’s body being riddled with worms after eating raw fish went viral recently, many Americans who read it began to wonder if the same thing could happen to them. According to articles covering the story, the man went to a hospital complaining of stomach pains, and when his body was x-rayed, the doctors discovered the horrific reason.

If you’re one of those wondering whether you too are at risk of contracting parasites from eating sushi, the answer is promising: You have nothing to worry about – and that’s from Oprah’s resident physician, Dr. Mehmet Oz. Here is an excerpt of the respected physician’s interview on the issue, published in Oprah’s website:

Can eating sushi lead to parasites?

In a word, no.

Dr. Oz says you can eat all the sushi you want without worrying about getting a parasite. “There’s no question when the fish die there are often parasites in the gut that will go into the meat,” Dr. Oz says. “But all the fish—sushi—that’s served in this country is supposed to be frozen before you eat it. … It keeps it tasting fresh but it also kills the parasites, which is why they do it.”

If for some reason the fish wasn’t flash frozen, Dr. Oz says any well-trained sushi chef should be able to identify it as possibly harmful.

The law has got you covered

The Food and Drug Administration requires all fish (except tuna, which are inherently very low in parasitic incidence) that are meant to be served raw in U.S. food establishments, such as your favorite Elk Grove restaurants, be frozen at a temperature of -4°F or below for a minimum of 7 days or -31°F for 15 hours. Both of these methods ensure that any parasite that may be inside a fish will be destroyed.

Ensuring your safety

For your safety, it’s very important to go to a restaurant or market that specializes in raw fish if you want to make your own sushi. Most home freezers don’t have the capabilities that industrial freezers do, so there is always a possibility that parasites will survive the process if you choose to prepare your own sushi at home. Alternatively, your chances of contracting a parasite in the best restaurant in Elk Grove, CA for sushi are so miniscule that you can easily dismiss the issue.

This is great news for sushi-lovers, who can now eat all the sushi they want without worrying about unwanted parasites. Just make sure your sushi is prepared by trusted restaurants with well-trained sushi chefs like Mikuni Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar.

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Enjoying Sake at Elk Grove Restaurants: It’s All about the Temperature

For sushi purists who frequent Elk Grove restaurants that specialize in Japanese cuisine, selecting the perfectly crafted roll is a main priority. However, the meal isn’t really complete unless it’s being served alongside sake or Japanese beer. On top of that, the manner of serving sake differs slightly with each variety – some sake are best served cold, others warm.

The reason that temperature plays an important role in serving sake comes from the ideal in Japanese food culture that flavors should be simple and distinct from one another. With high quality sake, certain flavors become more evident at different temperature ranges. To experience these flavors, the sake needs to be served at just the right temperature so that each flavor can be properly discerned.

So, at what temperature should you serve which sake? While most brewers will suggest an ideal temperature to serve their sake, it often follows a certain pattern. This was the subject discussed by Noritoshi Kanai, a living legend in the Japanese food world who was responsible for introducing sushi to the West, and who has been anointed by the Japanese emperor as a “Living National Treasure,” in a presentation he delivered in 2010.

Entitled “Sake Temperatures: How Hot Is Too Hot?” he revealed that there are eight temperature ranges at which sake can be enjoyed. Each type of sake should fit into one of these temperature ranges – piping hot not being one of them – and the following general guidelines usually apply:

Fragrant sake like gingo or daigingo: Drink chilled, around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but don’t drink it cold, which will kill the delicate aroma and taste (like drinking white wine too cold).

Unpasteurized sake (namazake): Drink it a little cooler, in the 41-50 degree range, to bring out its crisp, fresh taste.

Rich sake like junmai or honjozo: These are perfect served room temperature or warm — kan. What is warm? Body temperature (98 degrees) up to 110 degrees. (Perfect with hot pot, by the way.)

If you don’t know the ideal temperature range to serve a specific type of sake, however, Mr. Kanai indicates that you can’t go wrong serving practically any type of sake at room temperature. Also, should you get your hands on truly high-quality sake, temperature becomes less of an issue. Top shelf sake can be enjoyed warm, at room temperature, or chilled – just not too cold, and again, never too hot.

With this in mind, remember that sake served at the right temperature so that the rich aroma and delicious mix of flavors is enhanced is something you can expect from the best restaurant in Elk Grove, CA. Head off to restaurants like Mikuni Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar to enjoy some great sakes.


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Zagat Rated Elk Grove Restaurants: Organizing Japanese-themed Parties

One of the great things about Japanese cuisine is its ability to borrow from foreign influences and come up with something all its own. Tadashi Ono and Harris Salat, two restaurateurs from New York, recently shared with Epoch Times that popular Japanese dishes like ramen and tonkatsu emerged between the 19th and 20th century as a result of a convergence of Chinese, English, and American culinary influences. Salat also has this to say:

“One thing that impressed me about Japan is that there is an inherent or intrinsic understanding of the food culture among pretty much everybody, young and old. You can ask the garbage collector what vegetables are in season now and he or she would be able to tell you in a way that in America, we don‘t have kind of cultural knowledge about food.”

It is, therefore, not surprising why a lot of Californians can’t get enough of Japanese food. This same commitment to freshness, simplicity, and originality lies at the heart of catering services by Zagat rated Elk Grove restaurants like Mikuni Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar. Simplicity, however, does not necessarily mean boring. By preserving the integrity of each seasonal ingredient, master chefs are able to come up with exquisite, original, and artistically presented dishes that can easily be the talk of any party.

Those interested in organizing a Japanese-themed party can count on such a reputable caterer to recommend the perfect menu items for every occasion. The choices do not have to be limited to staples like ramen, tempura, and tonkatsu. For a small get-together, one can order to-go party platters that consist of varying combinations of sushi and appetizers. Party hosts can also hire a private chef who can design a custom menu and prepare exquisite dishes right in front of guests. To make things more fun, one can set up a sushi bar where guests get to choose their own ingredients.

As for drinks, it’s always a good idea to serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to make there is something for everyone. Take green tea and sake, for instance. In addition, the furniture arrangement, eating accoutrements, and cutlery should be just right. Not to worry, though because restaurants with reliable catering services can be counted on to bring bamboo mats, flowers, cushions, and the like. One can’t go wrong with catering services from an establishment like Mikuni Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar, which some folks consider the best Japanese restaurant in Elk Grove, CA.


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Eat Sushi, Live Longer: Tips for Ordering in Elk Grove Restaurants

Many people surf the Internet and read fitness magazines to try and find a way to extend their lives. The common perception is that a healthy diet and enough exercise are the way to achieve that. In a report from The Daily Mail, Guinness World Record Holder Misao Okawa shares her secret to a long and happy life:

The world’s oldest person, Misao Okawa, says the key to a long life is eating sushi and getting at least eight hours sleep a night.

Mrs Okawa, from Osaka in Japan, will turn 116 on Wednesday – she was born in 1898.

Mrs Okawa eats three large meals a day and makes sure that she sleeps eight hours a night,’ Tomohito Okada, the head of the Kurenai retirement home where she lives, told The Telegraph.

He added: ‘She insists that her favorite meal is sushi, particularly mackerel on vinegar-steamed rice, and she has it at least once every month.’

The Japanese currently have some of the longest life expectancies in the world. According to health experts, the frequent consumption of fish is one of the reasons why they live such long lives. Fish is a staple in Japanese cuisine, with its most celebrated rendition affectionately known as sushi.

There are many types of sushi to choose from. However, nutrition experts claim that the healthiest options are salmon and tuna (which just so happen to be two of the most popular types used in sushi in Japan). Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids that have been proven to significantly reduce inflammation and the risk of heart disease.

Fortunately, sushi is not very difficult to come by in the States. Many well-known Elk Grove restaurants have sushi on their regular menus. However, people looking to take advantage of the health benefits of sushi should stick to basic, clean options. Many popular varieties of sushi are kinds that have been deep-fried and/or drowned in mayonnaise. These kinds are full of oil and fat, both of which nullify any health benefits you would have gained initially from the seafood.

When choosing the best restaurant in Elk Grove, CA, you should look for a place like Mikuni Sushi that serves a wide variety of sushi and other fish-based dishes that are both delicious and healthy.


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Want Healthy and Delicious Food? Elk Grove Restaurants Serve Sushi!

Japan is renowned as a technological powerhouse, but the Land of the Rising Sun is also known for another impressive feat—its citizens are one of longest-lived people in the world. A Yahoo! Finance article, which cites data from Organizations for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), says that Japan has the third-best life expectancy among all nations on earth:

Although life expectancy at birth in Japan was tied with Italy for second-highest out of all nations measured by the OECD, Japanese women were expected to have the longest lives when compared to women in all the other countries measured. Japan also had the largest elderly population as of 2010. That year, 23% of the population was at least 65 years old, while 6.4% was at least 80 years old, both the most of any country the OECD reviewed. These numbers are expected to jump substantially to 38.8% and 16.5%, respectively, by 2050. Japan’s population is quite healthy by several measures. Mortality due to heart disease occurred just 39 times per 100,000 people, lower than in any other country and more than three times better than the U.S. Just 4.1% of Japanese adults were obese in 2011, versus 36.5% in the U.S.

A big contributing factor to this longevity is the healthy diet Japanese people observe, particularly their fondness for sushi and sashimi. Certain types of sushi contain raw fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that protect the heart and aid blood circulation. Wasabi, the ever-popular sushi condiment, is known to fight cancer and prevent blood clots.

Luckily, you don’t have to fly halfway around the world just to sample this tasty and healthy delicacy. An award-winning sushi bar like Mikuni, which many consider the best restaurant in Elk Grove, CA, serves some of the freshest sushi and sashimi this side of California.

So the next time you head out to eat, why not dine at renowned Elk Grove restaurants that offer sushi on the menu? By doing so, you can enjoy a healthy and delightful meal with your loved ones.


(Source: Ten Countries Where People Live Longest, Yahoo! Finance, December 2, 2013)