Authentic Japanese Roseville Restaurants: A Haven for Appreciation

The world is full of things that ought to be enjoyed, appreciated and cherished all across the globe. One of the biggest and most exciting industries for such experiences is the culinary world. Japanese cuisine, for example, has made it to the upper echelon of culinary excellence, after being hailed by none other than UNESCO. Despite the lofty distinction, Yoshihiro Murata, one of Japan’s most respected chefs, expressed concern as can be seen in this article by Reuters.

Japanese food is now widely available around the world, and “washoku” – traditional cooking – was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO last year. But Murata fears that even though sushi has become universal, appreciation for Japanese food is declining in its homeland.

“Japanese cuisine is becoming extinct”, Murata said, seated in a quiet tatami mat room in his Kikunoi restaurant in Tokyo’s Akasaka business district.

“The fact that it has become a ‘cultural heritage’ means it is fading so it needs to be protected.”

With everything becoming global, Japanese food has reached the hottest spots in the west, like Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Diners are able to fully experience cultural heritage of Japanese cuisine in its purest form. One excellent way of enjoying authentic Japanese food and bringing honor to the exquisite tastes it brings is by patronizing Roseville restaurants serving real Japanese cuisine.

Great food is more than just edible and nourishing. It entails attention to how the food is prepared, the fresh ingredients that are used, and the rich tradition behind the dish. Sushi, for example, can easily be bought even in supermarkets and even convenience stores, but high-grade sushi can only be found in topnotch restaurants like Mikuni Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar.

Opting to dine in authentic Japanese restaurants, especially those that are led by authentic master sushi chefs, will bring more than satisfaction to the palate. In authentic Japanese restaurants, you can expect the dishes to be served and presented in an exceptional manner, one that will certainly appeal to all of your senses. You will also get to enjoy the freshness of the dishes in an atmosphere that brings you closer to Japan.

Though the fears of chef Murata may be valid, people from around the world can still keep the love and appreciation for Japanese cuisine and its rich tradition alive through quality Japanese restaurants in Roseville, CA.


(Source: “Michelin-starred Japanese chef fears loss of simple, traditional food,” Reuters, May 13, 2014)


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