Unique Banquets: Finding Roseville Restaurants Serving Japanese Food

It is not every day that people get to celebrate momentous occasions and special gatherings, like anniversaries and birthday parties, among others. During these times, celebrants want everything perfect, from the venue to the ambiance, and of course, the food. In busy areas like California, where there is virtually an endless selection when it comes to food choices for banquets, there are a number of establishments that stand above the rest because of the uniqueness they bring to the table.

Presentation matters

Taste and flavor are very important when we decide whether we like a certain food or not, but its aspect is also a factor not to be ignored. Japanese dishes are served in smaller portions when compared to their Western counterparts, and they always catch your eyes, so before you start eating with your stomach, you eat with your eyes.

Smaller portions obviously encourage you to eat less and a dish that looks appealing makes you take your time to savor it, eating slower.

Food presentation leaves a huge impact on the diners and, in some cases, makes or breaks the success of the event. As the quoted article from e-Health101 explains, Japanese food offers a combination of health benefits, aesthetic value, and a whole lot more, which makes them more appealing, especially for people coming from the western world.

Setting up a banquet featuring food from the far East is not that easy, and searching for Roseville restaurants that know how to present Japanese dishes the right way should be on top of your go-to list.

Enjoying Japanese food goes beyond the food itself, as restaurants offering authentic dishes know and understand the value of other key factors. Having the right ambiance is one of the vital elements authentic Japanese restaurants take into consideration. Moreover, if they offer banquet menus, you can also expect them to have dining areas big enough to comfortably sit a large number of people.

In case you prefer to hold your event of celebration in your own turf, you should find Roseville, CA restaurants, like the Mikuni Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, that also offer full-service catering. Enjoying real Japanese food in this side of the world is easy once you find the right places to go to.


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Make Happy Hours Happier by Going to Famed Restaurants in Sacramento

After clocking out at work, you may not want to immediately head home. Maybe you want to wind down first after eight long hours of work, or maybe you want to avoid the traffic jam that will surely greet you on the highway. Besides, if the traffic is going to set you back an hour or two, why not spend the time enjoying yourself?

These are but some of the reasons why many people enjoy happy hours after work. Happy hours are great because they allow people not just to relax but to save money as well since many menu items are discounted during this period. Before packing up your briefcase and heading out though, take note of these tips to make your happy hour even happier:

Not Just Bars

Where exactly are you going for happy hour? While most people will head to bars, you should know that popular restaurants in Sacramento offer happy hours as well. Some even have weekend schedules for those who are too busy on weekdays to have a post-work drink.

Order Snacks as Dinner

You already know that happy hours can net you big savings on beverages. However, you can save even more money by ordering snacks as dinner. Sacramento restaurant Mikuni Sushi, for example, offers filling and affordable “dollar bite” items, such as veggie tempura and spicy tuna hand roll. Another perk of turning happy hours into dinnertime? You no longer have to cook dinner when you get home, or do the dishes after eating.

Make it Social

Happy hours are made for socializing, so why not enjoy it with your officemates? As this article from AskMen.com states:

Getting to know Larry from accounting or Louise from sales will not happen during work hours. It also won’t happen at company picnics, parties or team-building exercises. Most employees keep their professional masks on for anything involving their jobs. Account executive Todd’s affinity for The Pixies or vice president Martha’s love for Irish whiskey will never come out by the copy machine. Once you connect with coworkers at happy hour, your job will be more fun because friends surround you, friendly rivalries are built and you’ll learn how to exploit them for your own benefit.

(Source: Top 10: Reasons To Go To Happy Hour, AskMen.com)

Enjoying Treats from the Far East in Restaurants in Roseville, CA

Some of the main elements that add to a country’s character and mystique are the types of local food they serve. Aside from historical landmarks and must-see places, food, more often than not, attracts tourists from different parts of the world. Even if they look simple and common to locals, authentic dishes end up very appealing to foreign tourists because of their exotic value. Americans, for example, are highly enamored by the simple elegance of Japanese food.

Edamame are just soybeans that are picked while slightly immature, giving them a vibrant green color and a firm yet yielding texture that can’t be beat. At Japanese drinking and nibbling establishments known as izakayas, they are especially loved and often served after been boiled in salty water.

Google speculates from their findings that the popularity of the humble edamame likely grew gradually over the years largely from tourists who sampled them in Japan or at Japanese restaurants in their own country. Since they are soybeans which contain calcium and protein, they are largely seen as something of a health food in countries like the US.

Like the edamame mentioned in the article by RocketNews24, certain foods that are considered common in Japan have become coveted in California and in other parts of the U.S. One may even wonder where such items can be found; thankfully, you don’t need to go very far as restaurants in Roseville, CA are bringing the different tastes of the Far East much closer to the West.

Though edamame and the like can be bought in specialty shops, there is no better way to enjoy them than inside a cozy restaurant that offers authentic Japanese food. Compared to fast food joints that carry Japanese favorites like sushi, dining in a restaurant that uses fresh ingredients, and cooks and prepares them the old, traditional way gives a one-of-a-kind experience.

Generally, authentic sushi bars and Japanese restaurants in Roseville, like Mikuni, are led by real Japanese chefs in order to retain the authenticity of the food and the flavors. Moreover, they also provide an ambiance that complements or matches the food your are eating. Japanese-inspired designs and ornaments can be seen and the people serving the customers may even greet the diners in Nihongo.


(Source: “Google’s three most-searched Japanese foods in other countries surprises Japan,” RocketNews24, May 5, 2014)

Hiring Personal Chefs from Renowned Restaurants in Midtown Sacramento

When there are special occasions, most people dine out at restaurants in the Midtown Sacramento area. Others prefer to have a more intimate evening at home by hosting dinner parties.

While the latter option certainly has perks, it does entail a lot of work. Everything from buying the groceries to preparing the ingredients, cooking the dishes, and even setting the table, all fall on the host’s shoulders. By the time the guests arrive, the host may very well be a bundle of frazzled nerves.

Fortunately, you can still enjoy great food without slaving over it, thanks to personal chefs. As this article from eHow.com states, hiring a chef for your party is a lot like having a restaurant under your very own roof:

Chefs work in restaurants, planning and supervising meal preparation, developing menus and sometimes creating original recipes. When you go to a restaurant, you have to choose from the chef’s menu. When you have your own private chef, your kitchen becomes a restaurant kitchen and everything your chef cooks is made to order. You can eat whatever you want, whenever you want it. You can allow your chef to be creative and surprise you, or be precise about your requirements for each meal.

Even better, the best restaurants in the Sacramento area allow customers to hire their chefs for special occasions. So if you really enjoy a certain restaurant’s food, you no longer have to book a table and leave your home just to enjoy it.

Hiring a personal chef, such as those from Mikuni Sushi, offers other conveniences, too. For example, you no longer have to hire a sitter to watch after the kids while you head out for the night. Aside from this, you don’t have to worry about who will drive the car and whether you can find a parking spot. Having the dinner party at home also affords you unparalleled privacy, as you won’t be sitting next to strangers at a restaurant.

Perhaps the best perk that personal chefs offer is the chance to be a guest at your own party. If you’re in charge of cooking, you have to dart between mingling with your guests and checking if the food hasn’t burned in the kitchen. When you have a professional chef cooking for you, you can truly relax and savor the occasion.


(Source: What Is the Advantage of a Private Chef?, eHow.com)