Japanese Restaurants in Sacramento: Tasty, Simple Fare

An article on the Japan Times dated December 5, 2013 unveils UNESCO’s recent induction of Japanese cuisine to its list of Intangible Cultural Heritages. Being one of the most popular cuisines in the world, Japanese food translates well into the palates of many countries due to its simplicity and attention to freshness. The article reveals some interesting insights:

The survey of popular foreign food found Japanese food and Japanese-style restaurants at the top of the list, with 83.8 percent of the respondents saying it’s among their favorites. Chinese food followed at 65.0 percent and Italian at 59.5 percent, with those surveyed allowed to name more than one style.

Asked why they eat at Japanese restaurants, 25.4 percent cited “good taste,” followed by 13.7 percent who cited preparation and 11.8 cited atmosphere and style. Taste was cited by 37.7 percent of South Korean respondents, which was the highest ratio, followed by U.S. respondents (26.6 percent) and French (26.2 percent).

There’s no denying the strong appeal and delectability of Japanese food, and many Americans agree. Whether you prefer tempura, sushi, or sashimi, there’s sure to be a Japanese dish for even the most discerning taste buds. Folks who want to sample genuine Japanese restaurants in Sacramento should try the trendier establishments such as Mikuni.

Japanese food prides itself with its use of only the freshest ingredients; in particular, Japanese chefs work only with locally sourced ingredients as much as possible. Thus, while Japanese restaurants outside of Japan will use non-traditional ingredients, the spirit and palatability of freshness remains intact. To experience this healthy way of eating, locals will have to carefully choose from among the critically-acclaimed Sacramento restaurants.


(Source: UNESCO honor gives traditional fare boost, japantimes.co.jp, December 5, 2013)


Sushi Restaurants in Elk Grove, CA: Great Venues for Your First Date

Going on dates is a great way to meet your potential soulmate. Of course, asking a lady out and planning a romantic evening is easier said than done. To help you out, ArtOfManliness.com gives this piece of advice on how to make any first date as perfect as possible:

Plan. Women are suckers for a man with a plan because it shows you have initiative, can think ahead, and aren’t shy about taking the lead. Don’t punt and ask her what she wants to do. Be a man! You’re the one doing the asking, so it’s your duty to come up with something that she’ll enjoy. When a woman is with a man that has a plan, they feel they can relax and really enjoy themselves.

Finding the best restaurants in Elk Grove, CA can be a tricky proposition for many guys, however. On the one hand, you want food both of you will enjoy. On the other, you’d also want the kind of place that boasts a cozy ambience to impress your date.

Luckily, you don’t need to rack your brains out as sushi restaurants in Elk Grove, CA like Mikuni offer the perfect first date experience. Bite-sized sushi, after all, makes for the ideal date food because it is easier to eat than, say, pasta or steak. You’ll also get plus points for choosing Japanese cuisine, which puts a premium on freshness and sophistication.

Such a well-known sushi bar serves a wide variety of this Japanese specialty so your special lady is bound to find something that suits her tastes. You’ll even find heartier dishes like tempura or ramen that are sure to satisfy your food cravings. As a bonus, sushi restaurants are the perfect venues to show off your chopstick skills!


(Source: Road Map to the Perfect First Date, ArtOfManliness.com, December 13, 2009)

Three Must-Try Sushi Dishes at Popular Japanese Restaurants in Roseville, CA

Perhaps no other dish in Japanese cuisine is more iconic than sushi. However, many people who eat sushi tend to stick with reliable favorites, like tuna and salmon. When dining in Japanese restaurants in Roseville, CA, the same dishes can get rather dull pretty quickly.

Fortunately, many popular Roseville restaurants that have sushi on their menus, like Mikuni Sushi, offer a wide variety of mouth-watering sushi to choose from. If you are looking for a new flavor to treat your taste buds to, try sushi that uses the following fish:


Unagi is a sushi topped with freshwater eel. Although the mental image may not be very appetizing, the taste of unagi is simply superb. An article from ListVerse explains further:

Unagi has long been a mainstay in Japan, and has recently surged in popularity in the United States too. It is described as rubbery but not chewy, earthy and mushroomy, if that makes sense. Probably the most chicken-like sushi meat, it isn’t too big of a leap for first-timers once they get over the fact that it’s an eel.

Almost all sushi restaurants get it farm-raised, pre-packaged and grilled in a teriyaki-like sauce, making a taste that incorporates elements of sugar, soy sauce, sesame seeds and sugar, and for the most part that is widely consistent from restaurant to restaurant. It’s also not uncommon for it to be served warm, which is unique for sushi.

Shime Saba

Shime saba is a sushi topped with pickled mackerel. The fish meat is often tan-colored but the skin comes in a very shiny silver hue. The taste of shime saba is described as vinegar-y, which can be a bit too strong for sushi “beginners.” However, those who have been eating sushi for a while should definitely give this one a try.


Hamachi is a sushi topped with Japanese Yellowtail (aka Japanese Amberjack). It is known for its buttery texture and tangy flavor. Surprisingly, hamachi goes well with jalapenos, so if you notice this combination on the menu, do not hesitate to give it a try.

(Source: Top 10 Sushi Bites; ListVerse; August 8, 2011)

Foodie Finds: Sampling the Absolute Best Restaurants in Sacramento

Last January 8, 2014, the Sacramento Bee published an article that details the up and coming food trends local restaurateurs and gourmets believe will grow big in the months to come. Fine cuisine, like fashion, evolves to match the ever-changing palates of consumers everywhere, so it’s only natural that food adopts the latest trends. Notably, the article mentions a very interesting trend unique to the Sacramento region:

Farm-fresh eggs also can be locally sourced — which fits into Restaurant.com’s No. 2 trend, farm-to-fork dining. In its survey of member restaurants, 62 percent reported that they featured locally sourced produce in 2013.

“Sacramento is at the center of farm-to-fork (trends),” Krohn said. “But we’ll see that trend evolve in 2014 beyond local produce or locally sourced meat and dairy products to a farm fresh approach to preparing foods. It’s about minimal processing. We’ll see more food on restaurant tables that look like they could have been served on your grandmother’s table.”

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz regarding organic food, and it’s easy to see why. More and more people are becoming conscious of their diets and want to eat healthier food, and the city of Sacramento is leading in this trend. Unsurprisingly, some of the definitive best restaurants in Sacramento are those that place a high value on natural and fresh ingredients.

Perhaps one of the freshest and healthiest cuisines in the world is Japanese, with its strict standard for quality, presentation, and flavor, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Raw seafood (in the form of sashimi or sushi) is central to Japanese cuisine and it needs to be as fresh as possible, so restaurants often source their catch from local fishermen. Popular Midtown Sacramento restaurants such as Mikuni serve only the finest seafood to their patrons, and it’s a treat that’s not to be missed.


(Source: No. 1 food trend for restaurants in 2014: Eggs, Sacramento Bee, January 8, 2014)

Want Healthy and Delicious Food? Elk Grove Restaurants Serve Sushi!

Japan is renowned as a technological powerhouse, but the Land of the Rising Sun is also known for another impressive feat—its citizens are one of longest-lived people in the world. A Yahoo! Finance article, which cites data from Organizations for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), says that Japan has the third-best life expectancy among all nations on earth:

Although life expectancy at birth in Japan was tied with Italy for second-highest out of all nations measured by the OECD, Japanese women were expected to have the longest lives when compared to women in all the other countries measured. Japan also had the largest elderly population as of 2010. That year, 23% of the population was at least 65 years old, while 6.4% was at least 80 years old, both the most of any country the OECD reviewed. These numbers are expected to jump substantially to 38.8% and 16.5%, respectively, by 2050. Japan’s population is quite healthy by several measures. Mortality due to heart disease occurred just 39 times per 100,000 people, lower than in any other country and more than three times better than the U.S. Just 4.1% of Japanese adults were obese in 2011, versus 36.5% in the U.S.

A big contributing factor to this longevity is the healthy diet Japanese people observe, particularly their fondness for sushi and sashimi. Certain types of sushi contain raw fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that protect the heart and aid blood circulation. Wasabi, the ever-popular sushi condiment, is known to fight cancer and prevent blood clots.

Luckily, you don’t have to fly halfway around the world just to sample this tasty and healthy delicacy. An award-winning sushi bar like Mikuni, which many consider the best restaurant in Elk Grove, CA, serves some of the freshest sushi and sashimi this side of California.

So the next time you head out to eat, why not dine at renowned Elk Grove restaurants that offer sushi on the menu? By doing so, you can enjoy a healthy and delightful meal with your loved ones.


(Source: Ten Countries Where People Live Longest, Yahoo! Finance, December 2, 2013)

How to Eat Sushi Properly in Japanese Restaurants in Roseville, CA

The best restaurants in Roseville, CA should be able to offer vibrant and palate-pleasing dishes that satisfy the cravings of customers. Japanese restaurants are often successful in achieving this through a wide variety of sushi and sashimi.

Sushi has to be the most popular Japanese dish offered by restaurants. However, there are certain sushi-eating etiquettes that many people outside of Japan overlook. Take the time to go over the following tips to help you complete the experience of eating sushi:

Don’t Mix the Wasabi

Some people like to mix wasabi with their soy sauce to give it more zing. However, this is considered rude in Japanese culture, so try to avoid doing so.

Finger Food

If you struggle with using chopsticks, know that using your hands to eat sushi is perfectly acceptable. Just remember to thoroughly wash your hands before and after handling sushi.


It is no secret that soy sauce and sushi go well together. However, avoid dipping your sushi rice first into soy sauce. Soy sauce can cause the rice to fall apart, so flip your sushi over and dip it fish first.


Great food is meant to be savored, but do not take too muchtime when eating sushi. An article from WikiHow explains further:

Eat your sushi in one bite. Two bites is acceptable, however, don’t put the sushi back on the plate if you bit it in half already. Once you pick it up, eat all of it and keep uneaten parts in the chopsticks ready to be consumed.

By following the tips mentioned above, you can eat sushi the way it was meant to be eaten, which can heighten the experience of eating an exotic dish in the first place. If you are in the mood for mouth-watering sushi, know that there are many popular Japanese restaurants in Roseville, CA like Mikuni Sushi. Do not hesitate to make reservations and taste some of the best sushi traditional and fusion Japanese cuisine has to offer.

(Source: How to Practice Sushi Etiquette; WikiHow)