Tips for Business Dinners in One of the Best Restaurants in Sacramento

Whether you are celebrating a company milestone, trying to close a business deal, or just want to cozy up to the executives, a business dinner in one of the many fantastic Midtown Sacramento restaurants like Mikuni Sushi will be a wise decision.

Hosting a business dinner is no easy feat, however. It requires careful planning to make sure preparations go smoothly. When planning a business dinner, consider the following things:

Restaurant or Elsewhere

First of all, you should decide which of the best restaurants in Sacramento would be the most suitable dinner venue for your group. Ideally, the dinner should be held in a restaurant to avoid having to spend time setting up and cleaning up.

If you decide to hold the party in a colleague’s home or at a conference venue, choose a restaurant that offers catering services. In many cases, restaurants that provide catering will supply you with everything your dinner needs: servers, chefs, tables, dinnerware, etc. The service also includes set-up and cleanup, so you don’t have to worry about either as well.

Guests and Invitations

Once you’ve locked down a venue and a date, invite your guests. However, don’t resort to a simple invite over Facebook. The Houston Chronicle suggests that your invitation should match the vibe of the event:

Create a simple, formal invitation to invite guests to your business dinner party, which includes the date, time, directions to the venue and a way to RSVP for the event. Ask guests to provide you with special diet information, such as whether they’re vegetarian or have allergies to specific foods. Send invitations 1-2 weeks before the dinner party.

Service Options and the Menu

After you receive the RSVPs of your guests, carefully plan a menu based on the food restrictions your guests have listed down. In terms of the overall amount of food, it’s better to round up your estimate. The last thing you want to happen is to run out of food before the event is over.

If there are too many overlapping restrictions, you may benefit from having a buffet style dinner instead of the traditional multi-course meal. This way, you can offer a variety of dishes, and people could simply avoid food they cannot consume. Buffets are also ideal because they encourage mingling among your guests.


(Source: How to Plan a Business Dinner Party; The Houston Chronicle)


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