Japanese Restaurants in Sacramento: Tasty, Simple Fare

An article on the Japan Times dated December 5, 2013 unveils UNESCO’s recent induction of Japanese cuisine to its list of Intangible Cultural Heritages. Being one of the most popular cuisines in the world, Japanese food translates well into the palates of many countries due to its simplicity and attention to freshness. The article reveals some interesting insights:

The survey of popular foreign food found Japanese food and Japanese-style restaurants at the top of the list, with 83.8 percent of the respondents saying it’s among their favorites. Chinese food followed at 65.0 percent and Italian at 59.5 percent, with those surveyed allowed to name more than one style.

Asked why they eat at Japanese restaurants, 25.4 percent cited “good taste,” followed by 13.7 percent who cited preparation and 11.8 cited atmosphere and style. Taste was cited by 37.7 percent of South Korean respondents, which was the highest ratio, followed by U.S. respondents (26.6 percent) and French (26.2 percent).

There’s no denying the strong appeal and delectability of Japanese food, and many Americans agree. Whether you prefer tempura, sushi, or sashimi, there’s sure to be a Japanese dish for even the most discerning taste buds. Folks who want to sample genuine Japanese restaurants in Sacramento should try the trendier establishments such as Mikuni.

Japanese food prides itself with its use of only the freshest ingredients; in particular, Japanese chefs work only with locally sourced ingredients as much as possible. Thus, while Japanese restaurants outside of Japan will use non-traditional ingredients, the spirit and palatability of freshness remains intact. To experience this healthy way of eating, locals will have to carefully choose from among the critically-acclaimed Sacramento restaurants.


(Source: UNESCO honor gives traditional fare boost, japantimes.co.jp, December 5, 2013)


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