Save When Dining Out—Loyalty Programs by Restaurants in Roseville, CA

Thousands of restaurants all over the U.S. offer loyalty programs, and the trend is nothing new. According to a recent survey, 30 percent of restaurant operators offer some form of loyalty program to increase diner patronage. Meanwhile, the National Restaurant Association states that 56 percent of family dining establishments and 69 percent of fine dining restaurants have reported increases in loyalty-program participation.

According to many loyalty card holders, signing up for a loyalty program, such as those offered by restaurants in Roseville, CA, may add another card tag on the keychain and emails to the inbox, but the discounts are worth it. Don’t believe it? A U.S. News article by Teresa Mears explains why joining these loyalty programs make perfect sense:

Competition in the restaurant industry as well as the proliferation of daily deal sites provides an opportunity to enjoy the same meal for less money, giving you the chance to go out more often without taking a huge hit in the wallet.

But not all deals are equal, so it is important to be a savvy shopper. A coupon can provide a good discount, but in some instances it may not offer as great a savings as the daily special or the regular value menu.

Buying a discount restaurant certificate can provide special savings, but only if you use it before the expiration date and minimum purchase requirements or other restrictions don’t keep you from purchasing what could have been a cheaper meal.

In the article, Mears identifies joining restaurant loyalty clubs as one of the best ways to eat out without draining the wallet too much. “Many restaurants will send you coupons for free items or discounts in exchange for your email address,” she adds.

Today, there are so many loyalty programs available that it can get difficult to decide which ones to sign up for. According to survey, the average American household has 18 loyalty club memberships, but only participate in eight. As a consumer, although you can always take advantage of all the loyalty programs offered to you, it’s wise to sign up for only those that you have need for.

Love sushi and Japanese food? Then you’ll certainly enjoy the perks afforded you by loyalty programs offered by fine Japanese restaurants in Roseville like Mikuni.


(Source: 12 Ways to Dine Out on the Cheap, US News, Feb. 28, 2014)


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