No Worries with Sushi Served at the Best Restaurant in Elk Grove, CA

When a China-based news story about a man’s body being riddled with worms after eating raw fish went viral recently, many Americans who read it began to wonder if the same thing could happen to them. According to articles covering the story, the man went to a hospital complaining of stomach pains, and when his body was x-rayed, the doctors discovered the horrific reason.

If you’re one of those wondering whether you too are at risk of contracting parasites from eating sushi, the answer is promising: You have nothing to worry about – and that’s from Oprah’s resident physician, Dr. Mehmet Oz. Here is an excerpt of the respected physician’s interview on the issue, published in Oprah’s website:

Can eating sushi lead to parasites?

In a word, no.

Dr. Oz says you can eat all the sushi you want without worrying about getting a parasite. “There’s no question when the fish die there are often parasites in the gut that will go into the meat,” Dr. Oz says. “But all the fish—sushi—that’s served in this country is supposed to be frozen before you eat it. … It keeps it tasting fresh but it also kills the parasites, which is why they do it.”

If for some reason the fish wasn’t flash frozen, Dr. Oz says any well-trained sushi chef should be able to identify it as possibly harmful.

The law has got you covered

The Food and Drug Administration requires all fish (except tuna, which are inherently very low in parasitic incidence) that are meant to be served raw in U.S. food establishments, such as your favorite Elk Grove restaurants, be frozen at a temperature of -4°F or below for a minimum of 7 days or -31°F for 15 hours. Both of these methods ensure that any parasite that may be inside a fish will be destroyed.

Ensuring your safety

For your safety, it’s very important to go to a restaurant or market that specializes in raw fish if you want to make your own sushi. Most home freezers don’t have the capabilities that industrial freezers do, so there is always a possibility that parasites will survive the process if you choose to prepare your own sushi at home. Alternatively, your chances of contracting a parasite in the best restaurant in Elk Grove, CA for sushi are so miniscule that you can easily dismiss the issue.

This is great news for sushi-lovers, who can now eat all the sushi they want without worrying about unwanted parasites. Just make sure your sushi is prepared by trusted restaurants with well-trained sushi chefs like Mikuni Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar.

(Source: Dr. Oz Answers Your Questions,


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