Sushi Robot Toys: Have Sushi Restaurants in Elk Grove Met Their Match?

You’ve seen robots that transform into cars. You’ve seen toys that transform into robots. But have you seen robots that transform into food?

Sushi Transformers

In 2013, Takara Tomy’s Osushi Sentai Sharidaa, a toy line consisting of robots that can be disguised as sushi, was shown at the International Tokyo Toy Show. Now, almost a year after it was presented, news has come out that the creative toys will finally be released. Kotaku Australia provides more info:


Tuna. Shrimp. And salmon. These aren’t pieces of fish but rather transforming robots. Meet Osushi Sentai Sharidaa. They are robots that transform into sushi. Holy mackerel!

Osushi is the polite way to refer to “sushi,” “sentai” means “squad”, while “sharidaa” is a pun. “Shari” is the rice used to make sushi; adding the “daa” is a pun on “it is” (“da”) and makes it sound like kind of like “ranger” (“renjaa”) in Japanese. You know, like Power Rangers.

Takara Tomy, which has been key in creating the Transformers toys, will release the sushi robots this July in Japan, pricing them at 850 yen each. IT Media reports that Takara Tomy hopes to eventually releasing these abroad.


Quirky as the toys may be, they aren’t likely to fulfill your appetite when you’re craving actual sushi. For that, you’ll need to visit stylish sushi restaurants in Elk Grove, California like Mikuni Sushi. There you will find a wide variety of sushi, sashimi, nigiri, and many other delicious delights. That’s not all—you’ll also find other popular Japanese dishes such as tempura, udon, katsu, and teriyaki, to bring your Japanese cuisine experience full circle.

Sushi with a Twist

The best sushi bars like Mikuni add a creative twist to traditional sushi by combining the inherent textures and flavors of the freshest fish with innovative techniques and the tastiest sauces. True sushi aficionados can have their fill during ‘happy hour’ and ‘reverse happy hour’ events offered at such restaurants.

Do the sushi toys pique your interest? Feel free to order them from abroad or wait until they reach American stores. If you’re craving the real thing, though, you know where to look; simply head down to one of the best sushi restaurants in Elk Grove, CA.


(Source: Transforming Robot Toys Are Sushi In Disguise, Kotaku Australia, Jun. 10, 2014)


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