Restaurants in Sacramento: A Celebration of Japanese Food and Culture

Japanese food and culture are frequently celebrated in California, and nowhere is this fact more apparent than at the summertime festivals held throughout the state. USA Today, for instance, discusses the highly anticipated events like the Nihonmachi Street Fair in San Francisco (August 2, 2014) and the Nisei Week Japanese Festival in Los Angeles (August 9-10 and 16, 2014). Sacramento residents and visitors also take part in the annual Japanese Food and Cultural Bazaar held every August.

Aside from taking part in these festivities, Japanese food lovers can also grab a bite at Zagat-rated restaurants in Sacramento—like Mikuni Sushi—that offer traditional dishes from the Land of the Rising Sun, as well as Western-inspired variations. This is also a good opportunity to enjoy other mouthwatering Japanese culinary gems like sashimi (raw fish) and onigiri (rice balls wrapped in seaweed).

Teriyaki, in particular, is quite notable because of its special sauce, which has had various incarnations and iterations since it was first introduced in the West. The main ingredients are sugar, ginger, sake, and soy sauce, although various recipes have since given their own twist to this standard formula. Traditionally, teriyaki dishes consist of fish marinated in sauce that is either broiled or grilled to perfection. In the West, the term loosely applies to anything marinated in teriyaki sauce, be it hamburger steaks, squid, or even lamb, though it is most commonly used with grilled chicken.

During Nisei Week, festivalgoers had many opportunities to enjoy these dishes with friends. The first day lasted from 9AM to 7PM, with a parade taking place the day after. Fortunately, those who missed the opportunity to dine out at these festivals can still get their Japanese food fix at top Sacramento restaurants like Mikuni Sushi that host their own summertime events, like the 20thAnnual Mikuni Summer Golf Classic in August 2015.

Regardless of how one plans to celebrate the summer, it is always a good thing to keep up a festive spirit. Japanese food lovers should also keep in mind that sushi not the only type of Japanese cuisine worth checking out!

(Source: Summer suppers: Festive street fairs to find, USA Today, July 11, 2014)


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