Roseville, CA Restaurants: What Types of Drink Goes Well with Sushi?

Many folks who frequent elite Roseville restaurants know that sushi and beer—especially Japanese beer—are like a match made in heaven. However, did you know that wine and sushi are also delicious together? Be it a palate-cleansing sparkler from France or a coastal white wine from Italy, the right wine choice can make for a truly special sushi meal. Here are some awesome pairings for your sushi, courtesy of Fiona Beckett’s Matching Food & Wine:

Koshu and other crisp whites. If you haven’t come across koshu you will soon. It’s a crisp clean white wine that’s made in Japan from the koshu grape.

Low dosage champagne and other dry sparkling wines such as drier styles of prosecco and Crémant d’Alsace. Delicious.

Dry riesling – very dry – so think Alsace, Austria and southern Germany rather than the Mosel or more fruity rieslings from Australia or New Zealand.

Oaked Portuguese white – can’t explain exactly why but it works especially with the more full-on flavours of modern sushi (especially if it involves sesame).

Young red burgundy – now this may come as a surprise. It was recommended to me by a Japanese sommelier. I still prefer a white or sparkling wine with sushi but if you prefer a red this is the type to go for.

Tips for choosing the perfect match

According to taste connoisseurs, robust-flavored wines pair well with sushi rolls. However, it’s best to avoid wine that’s too sweet, because you don’t want it to overpower the fish’s flavor. Meanwhile, wine that’s too sharp can suppress the flavor of white fish like sea bass and snapper; you’re better off combining the wine with fattier, more flavorful fish like salmon and trout, as they better complement one another.

Sake and sushi

In her post, Ms. Beckett also includes one unusual sushi match: Sake. She admits that the two are not traditionally consumed together, even in Japan, and that’s because sushi and sake share an essential ingredient—rice. If not carefully chosen, combining the two can result in a “rice showdown,” instead of a complementary dining experience. The author does offer one important tip to make the two work together: Drink your sake chilled instead of room temperature.

Not sure what you like best? The input of chefs in the Roseville, CA restaurants you visit, such as Mikuni Sushi, can be very helpful. Generally, they’ll start you off with something easy and then move you up to something more exotic. The trick is to not be afraid of trying everything at least once. Eventually, you’ll find the perfect beverage to match your favorite sushi dish.

(Source: EIGHT GREAT DRINK PAIRINGS FOR SUSHI, Matching Food & Wine, Mar. 11, 2014)


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