Make Happy Hours Happier by Going to Famed Restaurants in Sacramento

After clocking out at work, you may not want to immediately head home. Maybe you want to wind down first after eight long hours of work, or maybe you want to avoid the traffic jam that will surely greet you on the highway. Besides, if the traffic is going to set you back an hour or two, why not spend the time enjoying yourself?

These are but some of the reasons why many people enjoy happy hours after work. Happy hours are great because they allow people not just to relax but to save money as well since many menu items are discounted during this period. Before packing up your briefcase and heading out though, take note of these tips to make your happy hour even happier:

Not Just Bars

Where exactly are you going for happy hour? While most people will head to bars, you should know that popular restaurants in Sacramento offer happy hours as well. Some even have weekend schedules for those who are too busy on weekdays to have a post-work drink.

Order Snacks as Dinner

You already know that happy hours can net you big savings on beverages. However, you can save even more money by ordering snacks as dinner. Sacramento restaurant Mikuni Sushi, for example, offers filling and affordable “dollar bite” items, such as veggie tempura and spicy tuna hand roll. Another perk of turning happy hours into dinnertime? You no longer have to cook dinner when you get home, or do the dishes after eating.

Make it Social

Happy hours are made for socializing, so why not enjoy it with your officemates? As this article from states:

Getting to know Larry from accounting or Louise from sales will not happen during work hours. It also won’t happen at company picnics, parties or team-building exercises. Most employees keep their professional masks on for anything involving their jobs. Account executive Todd’s affinity for The Pixies or vice president Martha’s love for Irish whiskey will never come out by the copy machine. Once you connect with coworkers at happy hour, your job will be more fun because friends surround you, friendly rivalries are built and you’ll learn how to exploit them for your own benefit.

(Source: Top 10: Reasons To Go To Happy Hour,


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