Enjoying Treats from the Far East in Restaurants in Roseville, CA

Some of the main elements that add to a country’s character and mystique are the types of local food they serve. Aside from historical landmarks and must-see places, food, more often than not, attracts tourists from different parts of the world. Even if they look simple and common to locals, authentic dishes end up very appealing to foreign tourists because of their exotic value. Americans, for example, are highly enamored by the simple elegance of Japanese food.

Edamame are just soybeans that are picked while slightly immature, giving them a vibrant green color and a firm yet yielding texture that can’t be beat. At Japanese drinking and nibbling establishments known as izakayas, they are especially loved and often served after been boiled in salty water.

Google speculates from their findings that the popularity of the humble edamame likely grew gradually over the years largely from tourists who sampled them in Japan or at Japanese restaurants in their own country. Since they are soybeans which contain calcium and protein, they are largely seen as something of a health food in countries like the US.

Like the edamame mentioned in the article by RocketNews24, certain foods that are considered common in Japan have become coveted in California and in other parts of the U.S. One may even wonder where such items can be found; thankfully, you don’t need to go very far as restaurants in Roseville, CA are bringing the different tastes of the Far East much closer to the West.

Though edamame and the like can be bought in specialty shops, there is no better way to enjoy them than inside a cozy restaurant that offers authentic Japanese food. Compared to fast food joints that carry Japanese favorites like sushi, dining in a restaurant that uses fresh ingredients, and cooks and prepares them the old, traditional way gives a one-of-a-kind experience.

Generally, authentic sushi bars and Japanese restaurants in Roseville, like Mikuni, are led by real Japanese chefs in order to retain the authenticity of the food and the flavors. Moreover, they also provide an ambiance that complements or matches the food your are eating. Japanese-inspired designs and ornaments can be seen and the people serving the customers may even greet the diners in Nihongo.


(Source: “Google’s three most-searched Japanese foods in other countries surprises Japan,” RocketNews24, May 5, 2014)


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