Want to Live Long? Eat Sushi at the Best Restaurants in Sacramento!

The Japanese may consider sushi as a dietary staple, but many Americans see it as a crave-worthy delicacy or a treat for a special occasion. Sushi making is an art form in itself,as the presentation is just as important as the flavor components. However, there’s more to sushi than good looks and flavor. According to a Daily Mail article, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have found that sushi can actually reduce one’s risks of contracting heart disease:

‘Multiple studies have looked at the effect of fish oil on cardiovascular health, with mixed results,’ said lead author Akira Sekikawa, an associate professor of epidemiology.

‘Previous studies investigated substantially lower intake of omega-3 fatty acids than what people in Japan actually get through their diet.

‘Our study seems to indicate that the level of marine-derived omega-3 fatty acids consumed must be higher than previously thought to impart substantial protection.’

Marine-derived omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in fish, especially oily fish and in squid and krill, may help to reduce inflammation and slow the formation of fatty plaques in arteries, he added.

This makes sushi one of the healthiest dishes you can order when dining at the best restaurants in Sacramento, especially at an elite sushi restaurant like Mikuni Sushi. Sushi rolls typically consist of raw fish, vinegared rice, and other ingredients wrapped in dried seaweed sheets. Individually, the ingredients in every sushi roll play a role in promoting good health and preventing heart problems.

For example, rice vinegar is known to boost metabolism, similar to the way apple cider vinegar does. Some types of sushi have small amounts of ginger, which is rich in antioxidants that help detoxify the body. Finally, when eaten without soy sauce, sushi is considered a low-sodium food, which makes it suitable for those with high blood pressure. Therefore, it’s not a mystery why sushi is such a popular party dish.

Despite the short list of ingredients, sushi is hardly an everyday meal in this part of the world. Among other precise qualities, this dish requires plenty of careful cuts and proportioning to make the sushi roll pleasing to the eye as well as the palate. Those who lack the food presentation and serving skills should avoid making their own sushi rolls, and are better off dining at sushi bars and reputable Midtown Sacramento restaurants like Mikuni Sushi that offer fresh, sumptuous, and healthy dishes.


(Source: Fancy sushi for lunch? Here’s another good excuse – it’ll help you live longer, The Daily Mail, March 5, 2014)


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