Money-saving Tips When Eating Out at Restaurants in Roseville, CA

Most days, you probably come home and make dinner in your own kitchen. On certain occasions, though—say, to celebrate your wedding anniversary or a promotion—you and your loved ones may choose to eat out at restaurants in the Roseville, CA area instead of slaving over a hot stove yourself.

Aside from being the perfect way to celebrate important events, eating out is also a great opportunity to try new cuisines without the hassle of cooking meals in your own home and having to clean up afterwards. The only is that it can become a considerable expense in the long run if one chooses to eat out too often, due to the convenience it offers. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to make dining out more affordable:

Join Loyalty Programs

Many restaurants have rewards programs designed to attract new customers while simultaneously rewarding loyal ones. For instance, Mikuni Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar, one of the best restaurants in Roseville City, offers the Koki Club frequent diner program. Each time a customer dines at Mikuni, he or she earns points that can be exchanged for in-store gift cards or other merchandise. Signing up for these programs can net you big savings and fun perks in the long run.

Use a Rewards Credit Card

Banks often have credit cards that offer special perks each time you use them, such as frequent flyer miles or gas rebates. If you’re fond of eating out, try to find a credit card that grants rebates or points for every dollar spent in a restaurant. Just make sure you understand the terms of the card’s rewards program, or you might end up not saving much at all.

Time it Right

Schedule your visit at an opportune time. Restaurants often offer discounts to early birds, so if you don’t mind having your dinner slightly earlier than usual, drop by before the evening is in full swing. Spend an evening out at your favorite restaurant’s Happy Hour for even more savings. You can also consider dining out at lunchtime instead, since the lunch menu is often considerably lower-priced than the dinner fare.

Share It

Most restaurant meals are large enough to be split with your partner or among your group. This article from the financial blog, Frugal Rules, also recommends splitting your meal with yourself:

If you’ve eaten out recently, you probably noticed that the portion size was quite generous. In fact, recent studies show that portion sizes have quadrupled since the 1950’s. Suffice it to say, we don’t need to eat that much when we go out for a meal as it could be harmful for a number of reasons. With this in mind, you can eat just part of the meal while at the restaurant and take the rest home. This provides the dual benefit of not eating such a big meal in one sitting, and giving you a lunch or two the following week.


(Source: 7 Frugal Ways To Save Money While Eating Out,, September 26, 2012)


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