Japanese Restaurants in Midtown Sacramento: Alternative Sushi Choices

Some of the best restaurants in Sacramento, CA serve Japanese cuisine to their customers. This, of course, is partly due to the fondness for sushi that many Americans share. However, have you ever stopped to think about which sushi options the Japanese prefer the most? An article from Kotaku provides us with the answer:

Nari Nari reports that Asahi polled 830 people across Japan (443 men and 387 women) over the age of 20 about their favorite kind of sushi. Out of all those polled, here are the top three replies:

3. Red Tuna (maguro akami or まぐろ赤身) at 8.8 percent
2. Salmon at 9 percent
1. Medium-Fatty Tuna (chutoro or 中とろ) at 15.3 percent

Other types of sushi followed in popularity, such as fatty tuna, uni, ikura, and so on.

It turns out that many of the sushi dishes that millions of Americans enjoy are the same ones preferred by the people from the food’s country of origin. However, people who consider themselves sushi connoisseurs will eventually tire of the same old sushi choices. Fortunately for these people, there are many other alternatives to choose from:

Shime Saba

Shime saba is the Japanese term for pickled mackerel. The taste of shime saba is often described as sour like vinegar. This taste might be a tad too strong for sushi “beginners,” but the fish will definitely please the palates of those who regularly eat sushi and are looking for a new experience.


Amaebi is more commonly known as “sweet shrimp.” Although shrimp is already a common topping on sushi, amaebi offers a clear and sweet aftertaste that often leaves people wanting more. For a deeper flavor, a helping of wasabi or grated ginger can be added.

Chirashi Don

Those who have grown tired of the typical sushi-eating experience can try ordering Chirashi Don, a dish consisting of a bowl of rice topped with the freshest chef’s choice cuts of fish. Although it is technically classified as a donburi, the rice used is the same rice used in sushi. In fact, sushi is named after its unique rice. Many Japanese restaurants in Midtown Sacramento like Mikuni Sushi offer this one-of-a-kind “sushi” experience.


(Source: What Is The Most Popular Sushi in Japan? Let’s Find Out, Kotaku)


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