Stress-Free Birthday Dinner? Let Elk Grove Restaurants Do the Cooking!

Your birthday comes around only once a year, so you should definitely plan something special for you and your loved ones. Of course, planning a birthday party for adults is quite different from planning one for tots—pizza and chips are great, but you want to serve something more sophisticated to commemorate this special day.

You could throw a birthday dinner at your home, but if you’re too busy to cook a four-course meal or you’re less-than-talented in the kitchen, you might scrap this plan and decide to make other arrangements. An article from offers some advice on how to throw a stress-free dinner party:

Invite your friends over for dinner. Make sure it’s a good night for you and them. For lower stress, select a time that isn’t too busy, so that you can concentrate on your party. Use an online invite tool to help track responses.

Limit the guest to between six and eight people, including yourself. This will help ensure that you keep the stress level low.

Clean your house thoroughly the weekend before your dinner party. You’ll have less to do on the big day. To make sure it stays clean, straighten up a little each night before bed.

Aside from these three, though, you can also follow these tips:

Have it Catered

The point of having a dinner party is to have a good time, but if preparing for it will be more stressful than fun, just hire a caterer to do the cooking for you. What’s great about this option is that renowned Elk Grove restaurants like Mikuni cater events of all sizes, so you can rest assured that the food you’ll serve to guests is top notch.

Ask in Advance

Everybody loves eating, but not everyone can eat any kind of food. Some may have allergies or follow religious observances that prevent them from enjoying certain types of meals. Be sure to ask your guests beforehand so you can give your caterer a heads-up.

Hire a Sitter

If you decide that your birthday dinner should be an all-adult affair, you can always hire a babysitter or ask your neighbor to watch the kids for the evening.

As you can see, throwing a dinner party doesn’t need to intimidating. By hiring Elk Grove, CA restaurants and doing the necessary preparations, you can make your special day that much more memorable.


(How to Host a Stress-Free Small Dinner Party at Home,


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