How to Eat Sushi Properly in Japanese Restaurants in Roseville, CA

The best restaurants in Roseville, CA should be able to offer vibrant and palate-pleasing dishes that satisfy the cravings of customers. Japanese restaurants are often successful in achieving this through a wide variety of sushi and sashimi.

Sushi has to be the most popular Japanese dish offered by restaurants. However, there are certain sushi-eating etiquettes that many people outside of Japan overlook. Take the time to go over the following tips to help you complete the experience of eating sushi:

Don’t Mix the Wasabi

Some people like to mix wasabi with their soy sauce to give it more zing. However, this is considered rude in Japanese culture, so try to avoid doing so.

Finger Food

If you struggle with using chopsticks, know that using your hands to eat sushi is perfectly acceptable. Just remember to thoroughly wash your hands before and after handling sushi.


It is no secret that soy sauce and sushi go well together. However, avoid dipping your sushi rice first into soy sauce. Soy sauce can cause the rice to fall apart, so flip your sushi over and dip it fish first.


Great food is meant to be savored, but do not take too muchtime when eating sushi. An article from WikiHow explains further:

Eat your sushi in one bite. Two bites is acceptable, however, don’t put the sushi back on the plate if you bit it in half already. Once you pick it up, eat all of it and keep uneaten parts in the chopsticks ready to be consumed.

By following the tips mentioned above, you can eat sushi the way it was meant to be eaten, which can heighten the experience of eating an exotic dish in the first place. If you are in the mood for mouth-watering sushi, know that there are many popular Japanese restaurants in Roseville, CA like Mikuni Sushi. Do not hesitate to make reservations and taste some of the best sushi traditional and fusion Japanese cuisine has to offer.

(Source: How to Practice Sushi Etiquette; WikiHow)


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